Can You Use Newspaper for Rabbit Bedding

Can You Use Newspaper for Rabbit Bedding? Rabbit Guide 2024

Is there anything better than falling into your soft bed after a long day? A comfy bed is everything. Right? Luckily, rabbits aren’t as fussy about their sleeping arrangements as we are, or are they?

Can you use newspaper for rabbit bedding, and will your furry friend approve?

Shredded newspaper can be used for rabbit bedding, and it’s a popular alternative to the traditional wood shavings found in many rabbits’ living spaces. Make sure that the newspaper you use for your bunny is thin (to avoid paper cuts) and free from laminate coatings and toxic ink.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using newspaper as a bedding option for your floppy-eared friend.

Is Newspaper Bedding Safe for Rabbits?

Newspaper is safe for your rabbit to use as bedding, but not all types of newspaper are made of the same materials. 

Here are a few things you should check when choosing newspaper as bedding for rabbits:

Environmentally Safe

Ensure the newspaper you have chosen is environmentally safe and made with chemical-free materials. 

The ink should be made with soy or water, or it should be a vegetable base.


Fine dust from newspapers can be harmful to your bunny and cause choking and respiratory issues if the dust is inhaled.

You can check for dust particles by moving the bedding around with your hands.

If you see a significant amount of dust particles in the air, your chosen newspaper is not dust-free.

Toxic Chemicals

Some newspapers contain strong chemicals (to give them a whiter finish), and other papers have additional fibers or metal flakes added to the pulp mix to give it a glossy finish. 

As a rabbit owner, you should always check what chemicals and ink are used to manufacture the newspaper you have chosen for your rabbit, as rabbits are sensitive animals.

Pros and Cons of Newspaper for Rabbit Bedding

Here are a few pros and cons of using newspaper as bedding for your rabbit:


  • The newspaper is comfortable and soft
  • Insulates your rabbit’s sleeping area
  • Your rabbit feels safe as it can burrow into the newspaper
  • A cheaper option to other types of bedding
  • Dries easily if your rabbit pees on it 


  • It might contain toxic ink
  • Chewing and overeating shredded newspaper can upset a rabbit’s stomach
  • Harder to clean up
  • It doesn’t reduce the smell of urine
  • Can attract bugs if not changed regularly

Other Alternatives You Can Use

rabbit bedding alternatives

When choosing a bedding for your bunny, it’s important to make sure they are comfortable and warm (especially in the winter months). 

You’ll need to choose appropriate bedding for your rabbit based on whether they are indoor or outdoor rabbits.

Let’s take a closer look at a few bedding litter alternatives for your floppy-eared friend:

Rabbit Litter

Using a natural, paper-based litter bedding will give you peace of mind as it’s not toxic for your bunny and provides comfort and warmth during the winter months

Clay and clumping litters for cats are very dangerous for rabbits and should never be used as bedding.


A good quality, soft hay is an excellent choice for rabbit bedding (especially for outdoor bunnies) than other alternatives. It can be more expensive, and it’s sometimes cheaper to buy a hay bale (if you have the space to keep it). 

Your rabbit will eat the hay as well. Hay provides a warm and cozy bedding alternative for your rabbit. 

Choose sweet-smelling, dust-free hay for your rabbit and ensure it does not contain mold. Soft hay will also help ensure your rabbit doesn’t sustain any eye injuries.

Paper Pellets

Paper pellets are made from recycled paper and don’t expand too much when wet (unlike wood pellets). These pellets are eco-friendly, safe, and absorbent. 

Paper pellets are not as comfortable as some other bedding alternatives, but you can add a layer of soft straw over the pellets for a more comfy option.

Aspen Shavings

Aspen shavings can be used as bedding for your rabbit. 

It would be best to avoid wood shavings made from cedar, pine, or an unknown wood source, as the shavings can cause changes in your rabbit’s liver enzymes, leading to liver disease.

Aspen shavings must be used with care, and make sure your rabbit’s living area is well ventilated.

Shredded Paper

Shredded paper is a good alternative for your furry friend. This bedding varies in absorbency and texture based on the type of paper that has been shredded. 

Make sure to check that the ink is safe (if there is print on the paper). For added comfort and absorbency, ensure the paper is soft and thin. 

Pulped Paper

Pulped paper is a waste product from the paper industry and is environmentally friendly. 

It’s an excellent alternative to use. Pulped paper is highly absorbent and does not contain dust.

The only downside to pulped paper is that it does not provide good insulation for your rabbit, so preferably use it as a summer bedding option.

What Do Rabbits Like to Sleep In?

Your rabbit spends a lot of time sleeping (often during the day), and they do not appreciate being disturbed when they are having a nap. 

So here are some options to see what your rabbit might like to sleep in:

  • A cardboard box turned on its side provides a dark, warm spot for your rabbit to sleep in
  • A large ceramic or marble tile
  • A towel
  • A blanket
  • A grass mat 
  • Indoor rabbits like to sleep under tables, beds, and sofas.

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

While bedding for a rabbit is not necessarily essential (many rabbits are more than happy to sleep on a pile of hay), having bedding in their living environment does create a special spot for them to sleep in, which appeals to their territorial nature.

Every bunny has its own preferences when it comes to bedding, and not all of them are happy to sleep on a hard surface. 

So try out some different options to see what makes your floppy-eared friend happy, and make sure to check the safety of the materials used in making the bedding.

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