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Why Are Rabbits So Cute? Rabbit Guide 2024

Looking at an image of rabbit results in an “aww, so cute” and other heart-melting feelings. But just what is it about these cuties (aka rabbits) that we humans find so utterly adorable?  

Rabbits are so cute because they have a baby face and remind us of soft toys and something vulnerable that we need to protect. Other reasons rabbits are cute involve their ears, soft fur, twitching nose, cotton-like tails, and how affectionate, happy, clean, and trainable they are.  

Let’s look further into the reasons why rabbits are so freakin’ cute. 

15 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Cute

Reasons Why Rabbits Are Cute

Here are 15 reasons why rabbits are so adorbs: 


A rabbit’s ears are probably one of the first things you notice about them. 

Some rabbits have short ears (like the Jersey Wooly and Netherland Dwarf), others have long ears (like the Giant Angora and Flemish Giant), while some buns also have lop ears (like the Mini Lop and American Fuzzy Lop). 

Their ears are velvety soft, which makes you want to keep stroking them.    


With 45 coat colors, you will definitely be able to find a rabbit in the coat color you prefer. 

While some rabbits have a solid coat (white, chocolate, black, cinnamon), others have patterns and markings on their body.  


A bun’s tail looks just like a cotton ball that’s been attached to its body. In fact, a rabbit’s tail is longer – most of it is hidden by its thick fur coat. 


Their soft fur is quite something to behold, and it makes a rabbit seem extra cuddly for us humans. 

Most people prefer medium-length fur, according to a study published in 2019.  


A rabbit’s “baby face” is another reason people find these small mammals so adorable. 

Domestic buns have a shorter and flatter face than wild rabbits. 

The same 2019 study found that humans see faces that have larger eyes, shorter noses, and bulging craniums as more vulnerable, and this motivates a person to want to care for a small prey animal like a bunny.  

Like a Soft Toy 

Did you have a favorite plush toy when you were young? Does a rabbit remind you of that soft toy? 

Exactly. This is also why we see rabbits as cute animals – because they have those same features that soft toys have. 


A rabbit twitching its nose is endearing – that is, if your bun is wiggling its nose about 20 times per minute. 

If your rabbit twitches its nose up to 120 times in a minute, then your bun is scared, and this isn’t cute, right?  


A bun has big round eyes, and like you and me, rabbits also have different eye colors: pink, blue, brown, gray, and red. 

Like a human baby that has big eyes, this could be one of the reasons people feel protective over rabbits – because they share that big-eye characteristic that we simply can’t help but find adorable.  


Rabbits can be trained because they are smart

You can train your bun to use a litter box, making cleaning up easy for you. 

Or you can also train your rabbit to do obstacle courses, fetch items, come to you when you call them or jump through hoops. Remember, to use positive reinforcements like praise and yummy snacks or treats to train your rabbit.  


How a bunny plays is utterly adorable. 

If you give your rabbit toys, they will pick up the toy with their mouth and fling it to the side. Then they hop and fetch the toy, and do it all over again.  

Stand on Hind Legs 

If your rabbit is curious to see what you are holding – usually because they want a bite of whatever to them must be yummy – your bun will stand on their hind legs. 

This is also their way to beg for treats. 

Your rabbit is quite irresistible when they stand on their hind legs, but remember to be strong and resist. You can’t feed your bunny treats every time they beg as it leads to obesity and various health complications


Rabbits are quite affectionate with the bunny they are bonded to, and rabbits can be quite affectionate with their owners too. 

Rabbits will take turns grooming each other. And sometimes, a bunny may groom you too – licking you or nibbling at you to return the grooming or petting favor. 


Rabbits are very clean on themselves, and they don’t smell either (provided you keep their cage clean to ensure the ammonia-smelling urine doesn’t build up). 

Lots of Breeds 

Like the various coat colors, there are also many rabbit breeds – from dwarf and small-sized bunnies to medium, large, and giant-sized ones. 

So if you prefer a certain breed, there’s a rabbit out there for you.  


Rabbits are happy animals (except when they are bored, get destructive or aggressive, or are unaltered and want to mate). 

When bunnies are happy, they make happy sounds like purring or the can binky around your living room. 

Do Rabbits Like to Cuddle?

Rabbits are prey animals so they don’t like to cuddle if they aren’t familiar with you or if they don’t trust you. Once your bun has bonded with you, they may like to cuddle and be petted. 

Why Are Bunnies So Friendly?

Rabbits are social animals so they need interaction to meet their social and emotional needs. 

If you’ve bonded your pet rabbit with another rabbit, they will be friendly with each other. But if you have a single bunny, then they’ll want your attention, care, and love, and will, therefore, be friendly with you. 

Can My Bunny Sleep With Me?

Your bunny can sleep with you, provided you’ve rabbit-proofed your bedroom and you are an early riser. 

Rabbits are mostly active at sunrise and sunset, so if you don’t like to be woken up early, rather let your bun sleep in their pen in your study or the living room.  

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

If you’ve ever wondered just why you find rabbits so cute, you now have 15 cute reasons. 

A rabbit’s cuteness is also why they are such a popular choice for a pet. But even though they are adorable, keeping a pet rabbit (or any pet for that matter) is a commitment, and it’s the fur parent’s responsibility to look after their cute cuddly bun. 

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