Most Expensive Rabbit Breed

10 Most Expensive Rabbit Breed: A Complete List 2024

On average, pet rabbits cost $20 to $30, or you can even pay as little as $5 for your bunny. In some cases, a rabbit can even be given to you for free as a gift. What about the other end of the spectrum? What are the most expensive rabbit breeds?    

Expensive rabbit breeds these days are the Silver Fox, Continental Giant, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Harlequin, English Angora, Mini Rex, and the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit breeds. Historically, the most expensive rabbits were the Belgian Hare rabbit and a pair of Rex rabbits.

Learn all about these expensive rabbit breeds that cost a lot of money – both past and present. 

10 of the Most Expensive Rabbits

Here are the most expensive rabbits, so if you are planning on owning one, you know to start saving! 

Silver Fox Rabbit

A Silver Fox rabbit can cost between $65 to well over $100. How much you pay for a Silver Fox rabbit depends on whether the rabbit is a buck or a doe, the coat color, and the pedigree of the rabbit. 

The Silver Fox rabbit is a large rabbit breed that weighs between 5-8 pounds. With a coat that resembles its namesake, the silver fox. 

They have an average lifespan of 5-7 years. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognized the gentle Silver Fox rabbit in 1925.  

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit 

The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is quite expensive for a small rabbit breed. On average, expect to pay around $175 for an American Fuzzy Lop. 

The friendly and active rabbit weighs between 3-4 pounds and has a lifespan of 5-8 years. 

With its floppy ears, the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a highly popular pet rabbit breed because it’s so adorable. Plus, it is relatively easy to care for this small rabbit.  

Belgian Hare Rabbit

The Belgian Hare rabbit is quite an expensive rabbit. You’ll easily pay between $150 to $500. However, be ready to open your wallet even more if you buy a Belgian Hare from a reputable breeder. 

Be happy you don’t live in the early 20th century. In 1900, a Belgian Hare buck easily fetched $5,000. That was for one male rabbit! 

Imagine the price today if you take inflation into account. 

(Pssst… It’ll be around $33,500.)

The fancy Belgian Hare rabbit is smart, attractive, and can be skittish at times. This large rabbit breed weighs 6-9 pounds and has an average lifespan of 7-10 years. 

Keep your Belgian Hare rabbit outside or indoors; beware that this large bunny isn’t suitable for apartment living or if you live in a small home.  

Continental Giant Rabbit 

A Conti as they are affectionately known, or a Continental Giant rabbit, can cost $300 to $700. Don’t forget to add the $350 (on average) to transport the Conti to your home.

So you’re looking at a cost of $650 to over $1,000 for a Continental Giant rabbit. 

These giant rabbits weigh a minimum of 12 pounds and a maximum of 30 pounds or more. They have a relatively short lifespan of 4-5 years, but Conti rabbits are smart and gentle giants.   

Holland Lop Rabbit               

A rabbit owner once paid $910 for a Holland Lop rabbit! Luckily, you won’t need to fork out this much money for a Holland Lop. 

You’ll probably pay in the region of $50 to $200 for a Holland Lop rabbit depending on where you buy, the rabbit’s pedigree, and how show-worthy the bun is. 

Known as one of the smallest rabbits and one of the cutest with their lopped ears, Holland Lop rabbits weigh between 2-4 pounds. They live for 7-10 years if you look after them well, and they have a friendly personality. 

Harlequin Rabbit 

For a pet or general Harlequin rabbit, you’ll pay $50 to $200. But for a highly pedigreed and competition or exhibition-worthy Harlequin rabbit, expect to pay much more: $900 to $1,000.

This medium rabbit breed weighs up to 10 pounds and lives for 5-10 years.

With a gentle and curious nature, Harlequin rabbits are popular among rabbit enthusiasts and owners.   

Mini Rex Rabbit 

If you are looking for a Mini Rex rabbit to keep as a pet bunny, you’ll pay $50 to $100. The price increases quite a lot for a highly pedigreed and/or show-worthy Mini Rex: $250. 

The Mini Rex rabbit’s best-known feature is its plush fur that’s velvety to the touch. At 4.5 pounds and with a docile and friendly temperament, these rabbits make great pets.  

English Angora Rabbit 

On average, an English Angora rabbit sells for $100 to $225. However, there’s a rabbit owner that paid around $300 for this rabbit breed. 

If you are looking for a rabbit version of a poodle, the English Angora rabbit is ideal for you. With their wooly fur, these small fluff balls of cuteness are calm, curious, and gentle. 

Mini Lop Rabbit 

Mini Lop rabbits cost between $150 and $250, so they are quite expensive considering these bunnies are dwarf-sized. There are some rabbit owners that have paid as much as nearly $400 for a Mini Lop rabbit. 

The Little Hanging Ear rabbit’s ears hang below their jaws, making these tiny rabbits utterly endearing. With a life expectancy of 7-14 years, you’ll have a fluffy lop-eared bestie for a long time. 

Rex Rabbit 

Historically, a pair of Rex rabbits was one of the most expensive rabbits ever sold. In 1930, a Rex buck and doe sold for $1,500. While this may not sound like that much now, the total cost comes to $25,000. 

These days, a Rex rabbit is quite inexpensive at $20 to $60. The 7-11 pound rabbit lives 5-6 years and is smart and friendly.  

What Is the Rarest Rabbit Breed in the World?

In the wild, the Sumatran striped rabbit is considered to be the rarest rabbit breed in the world, while pet-wise, the Blanc de Hotot is a rare rabbit breed because of the low worldwide population numbers. 

The Riverine rabbit, also known as the bushman rabbit, is another rare rabbit breed. The Riverine rabbit is critically endangered with an estimated population of 157 to 207 mature rabbits in 2021. 

What Breed of Rabbit Sells Best?

The most popular rabbit breed that sells best is a mixed breed rabbit where the rabbit’s parents aren’t from the same breed.

Next, a Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Lop, and Dutch rabbit breeds are very popular among rabbit owners. 

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

There are various expensive rabbit breeds, both historically and even these days. What you pay for a rabbit depends on various factors, like: 

  • The purpose of the rabbit – do you want a pet bunny, or should the bun be show-worthy and pedigreed? 
  • Where are you buying? Pet store? Reputable breeder? Rescue organization? 
  • How old is the rabbit? 
  • Is the rabbit male or female, neutered or spayed? 
  • Is the rabbit trained, vaccinated, microchipped? 
  • Is it a rare breed or a rabbit with desirable qualities? 

Ultimately, no matter how much you pay for your rabbit, you have a responsibility to look after your bunny, to love them, and to keep them safe.

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