Where Can I Buy a Rabbit

Where Can I Buy a Rabbit? Rabbit Guide 2024

Rabbits are super adorable, and when you are ready to make the commitment to love and care for a rabbit, you may wonder where are the best places to buy a rabbit. 

You can adopt a pet rabbit from a rabbit rescue group or animal shelter. You can also buy a rabbit from a local rabbit breeder, 4-H club, pet shop, animal swap, or on Craigslist. If you are looking for a meat rabbit for your homestead, consider a reputable meat rabbit breeder, 4-H clubs, or Craigslist.   

Let’s learn more about where you can buy pet rabbits and rabbits for meat. We’re also sharing details about what rabbits cost, factors that influence the price of rabbits for sale, and what considerations you need to keep in mind.  

Where to Buy a Pet Rabbit

There are at least 6 places you can buy a pet rabbit like a Flemish Giant, Angora rabbit, Mini Lop, or mixed breed from. Let’s have a look at them: 

1. Rabbit Rescue Groups and Animal Shelters 

Rabbits, just like dogs and cats, are pets that are sometimes quickly abandoned by their owners – because the fur parents didn’t realize how much work and commitment and care rabbits need. 

As such, you can adopt a pet bunny from a rabbit rescue center or animal shelter. 

To find one of these organizations, type in “rabbit rescue centers near me” or “local animal shelter near me” in the search bar on Google. 

2. Local 4-H Clubs 

Rabbits are a popular project in 4-H Clubs. The students raise rabbits for shows and to sell them as pets, meaning if you have a 4-H club near you, you can get your rabbit here. 

To find a local 4-H Club, check on the 4-H website.  

3. Local Pet Rabbit Breeders  

You can also buy a rabbit from a rabbit breeder. You don’t want to buy from a backyard breeder who is just interested in your money. 

Backyard rabbit breeders don’t know anything about rabbits and breeding genetics, meaning that the rabbit you buy here can have temperament and health issues you will only discover later. 

Instead, find a reputable rabbit breeder who wants to ensure you and the bunny are a good match. 

Contact local rabbit breeding clubs, ask for a breeder at rabbit shows, and ask your vet if they know of any breeders selling rabbits.  

4. Craigslist  

You can buy anything on Craigslist, including bunnies. 

There’s a Craigslist site for every major area in the US (and the world), so you need to find yours. Type in www.craigslist.org in your internet browser to choose the site for your area. However, you may also be directly taken to your local Craigslist like I was.

Go to the pet category on the site to find a pet rabbit you can buy. 

Alternatively, type in “craigslist + your city + pet” in Google.

Carefully read through the listings on Craigslist and do your due diligence. If the owner mentions something like “a bunny is a handful,” then the bun may have behavioral issues or more likely the owner doesn’t know anything about rabbits. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but if something feels off or looks dodgy, it most likely is.   

5. Animal Swap

There are often animal auctions or animal swaps, and you can get a pet bunny here. 

To find an animal swap near you, look on Facebook or type “animal swap near me” on Google. You can also contact your local farm supply store and ask.  

6. Pet Stores

Pet stores generally always have baby rabbits available and you can get your pet bunny here. 

However, pet stores generally get their rabbits from mass breeders who don’t look after their rabbits. Plus, baby rabbits are cute, so they are removed from the doe’s care before they are 4 weeks old. 

There are many rabbit advocates and pet owners who frown upon this. They believe you should rather adopt a rabbit than buy a rabbit. 

The choice is always yours.    

Factors That Affect Pet Rabbit Price

Factors That Affect Pet Rabbit Price

There are a variety of factors that affect how much you pay for a pet bunny. Here are the most common:  

The Rabbit’s Breed 

Rare and heritage rabbit breeds cost more, and so do purebred rabbits that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Mixed breed rabbits are the easiest and most budget-friendly option.  

Place You Buy the Rabbit From 

You’ll likely pay more for a rabbit when you buy your bun from a rabbit hobbyist, rabbit fancier, or reputed rabbit breeder. 

A rabbit will be cheaper at a flea market, country fair, rabbit rescue center, and 4-H club.  

The Rabbit’s Age 

Younger rabbits will cost less than mature rabbits.  

The Rabbit’s Training 

The more training a rabbit has, the higher the price for the bun. However, there are benefits if your bun has been litter trained.  

Intact Rabbits vs Spayed or Neutered Rabbits 

If the rabbit has already been neutered or spayed, you’ll pay more.  

Pedigreed Rabbits, Rare Breeds, and Unique Features 

Expect to pay a lot more if the rabbit is pedigreed, from a rare breed, or has unique features.

For example, a double Lionhead rabbit is more expensive because these buns are more desirable than a standard Lionhead bunny.  

How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost?

Sometimes, getting a pet rabbit can cost you nothing, while it typically costs between $20 and $100 for a rabbit. However, there are some rabbits that cost a lot more

If you need to neuter or spay the bun and get a general health check-up, budget around $300 or more. 

You also need to get initial supplies like a rabbit hutch, water bowls, food bowls, bedding, litter, grooming products, and toys. You need a minimum of $300 for these supplies. 

And then there’s also the regular monthly costs – hay, pellets, veggies, fruit, treats, bedding, and litter – that will cost you around $150 per month.    

What to Consider When Buying a Pet Rabbit

When buying a pet rabbit, you need to think about:

  • What rabbit breed and/or gender do you want (if you are picky) 
  • The health of the rabbit 
  • The rabbit’s age 
  • If you have enough space to keep a rabbit 
  • Rabbit-proofing your home and garden 
  • If you can afford to keep a rabbit as there are initial and monthly costs, as well as emergency care 
  • If you have enough time to spend with your bun (rabbits need just as much love and attention as dogs and cats, if not more) 
  • If you can keep two rabbits so your bunny has a rabbit friend if you aren’t around enough  

Where to Buy a Meat Rabbit 

Since we’ve also covered some topics about rabbit meat and rabbits are an animal that toe the line between being a pet or livestock, we thought it prudent to briefly cover where you can buy a rabbit for meat.  

So if you are a homesteader and want to use rabbits from nose tip to tail, where can you buy a meat rabbit? 

1. Reputable Meat Rabbit Breeder 

One place you can buy a rabbit for meat is to look for a reputable meat rabbit breeder. There are various breeders who breed rabbits for pet and meat purposes. 

Good starting places are to check the Rabbit Breeders Directory and Homestead Rabbit’s breeder’s directory.  

2. 4-H Clubs 

Some 4-H clubs may also sell rabbits for meat. 

Type in “nearest 4-H club” into Google and contact the local club or the next nearest club and enquire about buying a couple of rabbits for meat production.  

3. Craigslist 

You can also try to buy meat rabbits online. Enter your search criteria and see what pops up on Craigslist.   

How Much Does a Meat Rabbit Cost?

How much a meat rabbit costs depends on what kind of rabbit you buy. If you buy a commercial rabbit breed like a Californian rabbit or New Zealand rabbit, you’ll pay between $20 and $40 for a fryer. 

Meat mutts – mixed breed rabbits – sell for between $10 and $20 per fryer. And a heritage or rare meat rabbit breed starts at $50 for a fryer. 

Factors That Affect a Rabbit for Meat Price

There are various factors that affect the meat rabbit’s price: 

  • Where you buy 
  • The rabbit’s breed 
  • The rabbit’s age, health, and size 

What to Consider When Buying a Rabbit for Meat

When buying a fryer for rabbit meat breeding, consider: 

  • Where you are buying the meat rabbit – the place should be reputable to breed quality meat rabbits 
  • The health of the rabbit – ensure the fryer you buy is active with soft fur, bright eyes, and clean ears 
  • The gender – you need a breeding pair to start breeding rabbits for meat 
  • The rabbit breed – the rabbit needs to have enough meat on their bones, so opt for Californian, New Zealand, Silver Fox, Beveren, Cinnamon, Florida White, and good meat-mutt breeds 

If you are looking to buy rabbit meat, check out our list of the top 5 places for rabbit meat

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

If you are looking for for-sale rabbits, firstly make sure you have the time, energy, and resources needed to look after a pet bunny. 

Then, rather adopt before you buy. Find a rabbit rescue group or animal shelter and see if your future bunny bestie is there. 

Alternatively, buy a rabbit from a pet store, local rabbit breeder, or 4-H club.

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