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Rabbits are utterly adorable, and these cuties can be very affectionate with their owners too, provided they are well socialized and you take care of their housing, food, entertainment, and whatever they may need. 

But what rabbit breeds are the most affectionate, because surely, some are more cuddly and loving than others? 

The most affectionate rabbit breeds in the world are the Mini Lop, Rex, Harlequin, English Spot, Polish, Jersey Wooly, English Lop, Himalayan, Standard Chinchilla, Havana, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Dutch, and Flemish Giant rabbits.  

Learn everything you want to know about the most affectionate rabbit breeds right here. 

12 Most Affectionate Rabbit Breeds

Affectionate Rabbit Breeds

Here’s my list of the most affectionate and loving rabbit breeds to help you if you are considering getting a new bun or getting a bunny friend for your Ms. or Mr. Fluffles. 

1. Mini Lop Rabbit 

The Mini Lop rabbit looks utterly adorable with their floppy ears and cute face. Luckily, the exterior of the Mini Lop matches its personality. 

Mini Lop rabbits are generally quite affectionate, and they are great pets because they don’t mind being picked up and cuddled. These buns are happiest when you shower them with love and attention. 

The Mini Lop was discovered in 1972 and came to the U.S. in 1974. They are a well-loved rabbit breed.  

2. Lionhead Rabbit 

The Lionhead rabbit resembles a lion in the way that they also have a “lion’s mane” in the form of wool that covers their heads. 

These rabbits have even temperaments, and they are one of the friendliest rabbit breeds around. If you adopt a Lionhead bun, you’ll soon realize how much the rabbit adores spending time with you. 

Ensure your Lionhead rabbit has space and time to play and teach them tricks since this is one smart rabbit.  

3. Rex Rabbit

The Rex rabbit has a luxurious, velvety coat, and if you are looking to adopt a Rex rabbit, you can choose from 16 coat colors (such as black, amber, blue, lilac, opal, chocolate, and chinchilla). 

Like the Mini Lop, a Rex rabbit is a great pet since they mostly don’t mind being cuddled and picked up. This makes the bun ideal if you have kids around.

These bunnies have an average lifespan of six to eight years, however, they can live longer if you take good care of them. So make the most of the time you have with your affectionate Rex rabbit.     

4. Harlequin Rabbit 

The Harlequin rabbit breed originated in France in the 1880s and was recognized in the US only in the 1920s. These rabbits also make great pets if you are in the market for a fluffy-tailed bestie. 

Harlequin rabbits are gentle and love to be petted. While they won’t mind hanging with you on the sofa, they won’t fall asleep in your lap. 

A Harlequin rabbit is a medium-sized bun, weighing between 6.5 to 9.5 pounds so ensure your rabbit has enough space to move around, as your rabbit needs enough space to exercise and have zoomies.   

5. English Spot Rabbit

Looking for a rabbit that is sweet-natured? Then look no further than the English Spot rabbit who is kind, friendly, and affectionate enough to make a great pet for young and senior humans.  

Plus, these rabbits were initially bred as show rabbits, so they are used to being handled, groomed, held, and petted. 

English Spot bunnies are very curious, and they have a lot of energy, keeping you entertained.

As a medium-sized rabbit breed, English spot rabbits weigh between five and eight pounds. 

6. Polish Rabbit 

The Polish rabbit was only introduced to American society in 1912. As small rabbit that weighs a maximum of 3.5 pounds, they are very cuddle worthy. 

With a docile temperament, a Polish rabbit will enjoy chilling next to you while you work or relax. Remember to pet your bunny bestie every so often!  

As a small rabbit breed, ensure your kids are well-trained and careful when handling the bun. 

Keep in mind that rabbits can get injured if they fall from your arms, so teach your children how to pick up and handle a bunny – especially small breed rabbits like the Polish rabbit.  

7. Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey Wooly rabbit breed is actually a cross between a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and a French Angora rabbit. And to be honest, the Jersey Wooly is one super cutesy rabbit. 

These rabbits are a dwarf breed, weighing between one and 3 pounds. They also require a bit of grooming, so ensure you brush their long fluffy coats at least once a week, and remember, this is time you can spend loving your rabbit while they enjoy cuddling and attention. 

A Jersey Wooly rabbit is also called a “no-kick rabbit,” making such a rabbit a safe choice if you have small children or a frail parent living with you. But ensure your kids know how to properly, gently, and safely handle Ms. Jersey Wooly so your rabbit bestie doesn’t get injured. 

8. English Lop Rabbit

The English Lop rabbit is a very popular rabbit breed. The rabbit is known for its calm and easy-going nature, so you know that an English Lop rabbit will love spending time with you. 

Like the Mini Lop, an English Lop rabbit also has floppy ears, making them look utterly adorable. Add their friendly personality to the mix, and you have a winner. 

Did you know? English Lop rabbits are referred to as the “dogs of the rabbit world.” So if you think of how friendly and attentive a dog is, then you can easily imagine how affectionately the English Lop will behave with you.

9. Himalayan Rabbit

Another affectionate rabbit breed that has a wonderful and calm personality is the Himalayan rabbit. 

The rabbit is a medium cylindrically shaped rabbit breed, and weighing three to five pounds, they have a predominantly white coat with blue, chocolate, lilac, or black markings. 

As the name of the rabbit suggests, the Himalayan rabbit comes from the Himalayan mountain area and came to the US in the 1900s. 

10. Standard Chinchilla Rabbit

There are three Chinchilla rabbit breeds, the Standard Chinchilla, which is the smallest with a maximum weight of 7.5 pounds, the American or “Heavyweight” Chinchilla, and the Giant Chinchilla.  

The Standard Chinchilla rabbit came to the US in 1919, and they originally came from France. 

You and your kids will love the Standard Chinchilla rabbit for its sweet and calm nature, and maybe best of all, they are not too heavy so your children can easily help you care for the bunny. 

11. Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish Giant rabbits are the “gentle giants” of the rabbit world, and these huge rabbits really do have gentle and loving hearts. 

If you have a Flemish Giant, you’ll know what a big softie your bun is. Flemish Giants love any attention you can spare, so ensure you spend enough time with your pet rabbit. 

Ideally, don’t get a Flemish Giant rabbit if you have small children as these rabbits weigh between nine and fourteen pounds (or even more!). And make sure you have enough room for the gentle bunny giants to roam, play, and exercise. 

Because of their gentle nature, the Flemish Giant gets along well with other pets too such as cats and dogs, but beware of letting them play with large breed dogs that can hurt them. 

12. Havana Rabbit

The Havana rabbit does not come from Havana, Cuba. Instead, this is an old rabbit breed that originally came from the Netherlands in 1898 and hopped onto US shores in the 1980s.  

Did you know? The Havana rabbit gets their name from their color resemblance to a Havana cigar.

Havana bunnies are calm, and they love it when you show your love with affection and attention. These buns aren’t high-energy, making them ideal for senior citizens or anyone who needs an emotional support rabbit. 

What Is an Affectionate Rabbit?

An affectionate rabbit is a rabbit that acts affectionately with its owner – that’s you! In essence, affectionate rabbits are sweet, loving, and playful, and they will love it when you shower them with love and cuddles while returning the favor. 

When a rabbit is loving, they may nudge, rub against, chin, or kindly head butt you. They may also lick or nip you, and wouldn’t mind chilling on the sofa with you as you stroke or pet them. 

What Is the World’s Most Affectionate Rabbit?

The world’s most affectionate rabbit has got to be the English Lop rabbit. I mean, they are known as the dogs of the rabbit world, and that should be enough of a reason for them to win this “affectionate rabbit breed prize,” don’t you think? 

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

Not every rabbit, even if they belong to one of the breeds mentioned here, will be affectionate, kind, and loving. Just like you and me, every rabbit is unique with their own personality and likes and dislikes. A lot will also depend on how they are socialized.

When you get a pet rabbit, ensure you meet all of its needs and earn its trust. It’s only when your bun trusts you that they’ll feel comfortable enough around you to nip, lick, and nudge as they bond with you.

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