Can You Use Shredded Paper for Rabbit Bedding

Can You Use Shredded Paper for Rabbit Bedding? Rabbit Guide 2024

Have you ever walked into a pet store and been so overwhelmed by bedding options for your rabbit that you didn’t know which way to turn? Sawdust sounds dusty, and hay is quite pricey for a small bag. But have you ever considered using shredded paper as a bedding option for your floppy-eared friend? 

Can you use shredded paper for rabbit bedding, and is it safe for your bunny?

Shredded paper can be used as rabbit bedding, mainly because it’s soft. Ideally, shredded paper should be used as a base for your rabbit’s sleeping spot ( it can become sticky when wet). Cover the paper with a layer of hay to make it more comfortable and prevent the paper from sticking to your rabbit’s fur. 

If you are considering using shredded paper for your rabbit’s bedding, this is the guide for you.

Is Shredded Paper Bedding Safe for Rabbits?

Shredded paper is safe to use as bedding (or in the litter box) for your furry friend and is a far better option than sawdust or wood pellets. 

As a rabbit owner, you should always check the quality and type of paper you use as bedding for rabbits.

Here are a few things you should check when choosing shredded paper bedding for your bunny:

Sharp Edges

Make sure the paper you choose does not have any sharp edges, and the paper should be as thin as possible. 

Thick paper can give your bun a paper cut. 

Type of Ink Used

Shredded paper is obtained from different sources, and there can be issues with the type of ink used on the paper (if the paper has print on it). 

Paper that has print on it from a printer can be troublesome, as the ink used can run when wet and cause stains on your bun’s furry coat (or stain their mouth if ingested). 

Avoid Magazines

Shredded paper made from magazines, booklets, or any other printed material is not environmentally friendly and can be dangerous for your rabbit. 

They are mass-produced, and often the cheapest ink is used. Therefore, you can’t be sure about the safety of the ink.

Pros and Cons of Shredder Paper for Rabbit Bedding

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using shredded paper bedding for your rabbit:


  • It’s dust-free
  • Shredded paper is safe for rabbits to chew on
  • Shredded paper is absorbent
  • Paper that does not have print on it is environmentally-friendly (except if the ink is soy or vegetable-based)
  • It’s cheaper than most bedding alternatives


  • Some shredded paper can contain ink that is toxic to your bun
  • Ingesting too much-shredded paper can cause GI stasis 
  • Difficult to clean as the pieces of shredded paper are small and can scatter all over the rabbit’s habitat
  • Compared to alternative types of bedding, the shredded paper does not reduce odors very well

Other Types of Rabbit Beddings You Can Use

other rabbit bedding alternatives

Shredded paper is not the only bedding option for your rabbit. Let’s take a look at some other bedding for rabbits:

Rabbit Litter

Paper-based rabbit litter is an eco-friendly option for rabbit bedding. Your bun will be comfortable and warm during the winter. 

You should avoid using any types of cat litter as these are toxic for rabbits.


Hay is a cost-effective (if you have space to store a bale) and safe option as bedding for your floppy-eared friend. 

A bonus with hay is that your rabbit can also eat it.

Paper Pellets

Paper pellets are a popular and safe option as a bedding alternative for your bunny. The pellets are made from compressed paper pulp and are very absorbent.

Although this paper-made rabbit bedding is not as comfortable as other paper rabbit bedding, you could always add a layer of hay or straw on top of the pellets to provide more comfort. 

Shredded Newspaper

Shredded newspaper is a popular paper bedding for rabbits. It’s much thinner than regular shredded paper, and the ink is usually vegetable-based and environmentally friendly. 

The shredded newspaper provides excellent insulation for your rabbit and is soft and comfortable.

Cellulose Bedding

Cellulose bedding is a great option for bedding rabbits. It can be found at most pet shops and is cost-effective. 

Rabbits can chew on cellulose bedding; it’s highly absorbent and dust-free.

Towels and Fleece

Cotton towels and fleece can also be used as a bedding alternative for your bunny. Towels and fleece blankets can be ingested in small amounts (if your rabbit likes to chew).

Towels and fleece will keep your floppy-eared friend’s sleeping area well insulated. 

Horse Bedding

Horse bedding like Aubiose is an excellent natural type of bedding for your bun as it’s made from hemp and flax. It comes in bales (which makes it economical) and is very absorbent. 

Horse bedding is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and dust-free. 

What Bedding Is the Best for Rabbits?

Bedding for indoor rabbits is not essential as most rabbits tend to play more with their bedding than sleep in it. Outdoor rabbits, however, will need bedding for insulation during the winter months. 

Each rabbit is different and prefers different bedding options, so you will need to introduce your bun to a few options to find one they prefer.

A good way to tell if your bunny is happy with its bedding is if they sleep on it. If your bun rests somewhere else, it might not be comfortable with the bedding you have provided.

One of the best bedding options is hay, as it provides warmth, comfort, and food (and it’s safe for your bunny).

My Last Bunny Thoughts 

When it comes to rabbit bedding, there are many options available. 

The main thing is to keep your floppy-eared friend safe, warm, happy, and comfortable. Make sure to always check the safety of the paper you choose for your bun.

Blank shredded paper is always the best option when using shredded paper for your bun’s bedding. If you run out of shredded paper, you can always tear up paper towels or toilet paper to use until you get some more shredded paper.

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